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Simplified Success: Navigating the Capital Campaign Pledge Process with Ministry Platform

Launching a successful capital campaign at a Catholic parish is an exciting journey, and we're here to boost that experience! One key to this success is efficiently entering pledge data into the Ministry Platform system. Think of it as bringing a high level of organization into your campaign process.


Our commitment to enhancing your experience continues with a comprehensive training video. Check it out for free at

In this tutorial, we delve into crucial high-level topics that will empower your staff and pastors in navigating the Ministry Platform system effectively. The training covers essential aspects such as preparing for a pledge campaign, utilizing the pledge widgets, pledge campaign setup, pledge data entry, linking contributions to pledges, generating pledge reports, and understanding security role setup. By addressing these key components, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to streamline the campaign administration process. It's an easy, informative, and crucial tool for making your campaign shine!

"The Batch Manager Tool allows you to enter contributions manually, with a check scanner, or using an import file from your online giving provider."

If you need additional support, or would like to arrange a virtual training session with a subject matter expert, please email the PIMS Team at We aim to make your team feel prepared and excited about this process.


Managing pledge data within the Ministry Platform system isn't just a task; it's about streamlining your campaign administration. Unlike manual methods or other systems, once trained in entering pledges in Ministry Platform, your campaign will run smoothly and successfully. This efficiency ensures a positive experience for the parish staff and your generous donors. It's about making your campaign journey straightforward and successful, and Ministry Platform is here to help you achieve just that!



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