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Advancement Directors 

Meet The Team


Kim Montgomery

Chief Advancement Officer

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Kim, a seasoned professional with 26 years of non-profit experience, joined us in 2014, specializing in consultative services and Catholic capital campaigns.


Her collaboration skills shine at the Archdiocese of Baltimore, where she works with diverse stakeholders.


With a nationwide perspective, Kim excels at analyzing complexities and driving successful campaigns. Her unwavering dedication and passion inspire positive impact in our organization, making her indispensable.


Mark Talcott

Sr. Dir., Philanthropy

410-547-5554 (w)

651-329-0470 (c)

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Mark's career is a testament to his passion for connecting with people, mentoring others, and building community. Whether leading innovative fundraising initiatives, fostering relationships with high-net-worth individuals, or developing comprehensive training programs, Mark's friendly approach shines through.


His previous roles have seen him implementing groundbreaking strategies that benefited numerous parishes and managing complex projects with warmth and efficiency. Mark's ability to turn ideas into action, coupled with his approachable style and unwavering dedication, sets him apart.


Whether working one-on-one or leading large-scale initiatives, he's not just making a difference in the organizations he serves; he's touching lives and building a legacy of positive impact.


George Reed

Sr. Dir., Regional Advancement Programs


George joined in 2016, bringing with him 35 + years of Catholic Church development experience.


He has developed innovative new programs for offertory increase such as “Take the Next Step” and has raised over $500 million in Diocesan, parish, and school capital campaigns.

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