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How to Return Your In-Pew Appeal Giving Envelopes

In response to recent changes to FedEx's procedures, we've refined our method for managing the return of in-pew envelopes. Now, all you need to do is bring your packed envelopes to any FedEx Ship Center, and they'll ship them for you using the AOB account—no labels or calls necessary. This approach not only simplifies the process but also ensures cost efficiency in handling the envelopes. Importantly, there is no cost to your parish for this service.


We are grateful for your role in the Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries and want to make this as seamless as possible for you. If the new procedure isn't convenient, we have two alternative solutions. We have partnered with a courier service, and as a third option, your Advancement Director can pick them up for you. Thank you!


Important Information


  • Include the transmittal form in your shipping package.

Transmittal Form 2024
Download PDF • 119KB

  • Return the in-pew envelopes within a week after the giving weekend.

  • If you have any questions about the below options, please email or call the Appeal Office at: or 443-263-1912.



Option 1 – FedEx Dropoff (preferred)


1.      Locate Your Nearest FedEx Ship Center:


2.      Prepare for Drop-off:

  • Please fill each provided FedEx bag with as many in-pew envelopes as it can hold.

  • Bring the following with you to the FedEx Ship Center.

  • A valid form of ID for verification purposes.

  • The AOB shipping account information, which is crucial for processing your shipment without any cost to the parish.


3.      Provide Billing Instructions: 

  • Please bill all charges to the AOB FedEx Account using the below information.


AOB FedEx Account Number: 2147-4573-9


Billing Account address: 

Archdiocese of Baltimore

320 Cathedral St.

Baltimore, MD 21201


Shipping to Address:

Archdiocese of Baltimore

Moore RMG Sort Team

100 Jamison Ct

Hagerstown, MD 21740


4.      At the FedEx Ship Center:

  • Once you arrive at the FedEx Ship Center, present your ID and the AOB shipping account information to the representative. They will assist you with the necessary shipping labels and ensure your in-pew envelopes are shipped correctly.


Option 2 – Courier Company


1.      Contact our preferred Courier Company to schedule a pickup:

  • Carroll Delivery Services

Mike Rodgers



2.      Provide Your Address and Schedule a Pickup:

  • You’ll need to provide your pickup address. Be sure to give them the exact location to ensure a smooth pickup process.

  • The courier company will discuss available pickup times with you. Choose a time that is most convenient for you, and they will confirm the scheduled pickup.


3.      Provide the Delivery Address:

  • Give the Courier this address for delivery.

Archdiocese of Baltimore


Jamison CT

Hagerstown, MD 21740



Option 3 – Pickup by your Advancement Team


1.      Contact the Appeal Office:


2.      Prepare your Pickup:

  • Place all the envelopes in sealed bags and have them ready for pickup.


Should you have any questions, need further assistance, or wish to discuss these options in more detail, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Appeal Team at: 443-263-1912.

Your commitment to the Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries is greatly appreciated.





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