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What's that Buzzing Above My Head?

I remember when I got my first camera. I was in Chicago with my Dad in the late 1980’s. He handed me a Minolta Weathermatic 35mm. That day, we took the train into the city and I think I blew through all the film before we even made it to the Sears Tower. From then on, I have had an interest in photography and videography. I started out with a few film cameras, and became an early adapter to digital photography in the late 1990’s.

My first digital camera took 4 AA batteries, and could hold about 5 photos on a floppy disk and the quality was horrible!

In the early 2000’s I stared using a digital video camera with my friends and we started producing some silly and dumb videos, but that blossomed into filming a few weddings and making promotional/ministry highlight videos for a couple of my past employers. Now in the 2020’s I find myself interested once again in film, and recently picked up a new camera that shoots on Instax film. It’s very much like a polaroid. The photo pops out the top of the camera after you take the shot. The only issue is the 70 cents per photo it costs!

In the complete opposite direction, I have also taken a big interest in drone videography over the last two years. I started by getting an actual Drone Pilot License from the FAA. Did you even know that existed? After getting the license, I picked up a drone and started flying it around and practicing with the controls. It was very nerve-racking at first! My heart rate would be super high and I felt like I had been exercising after a 20 min flight. Now, after many hours of flight, I feel much more confident in flying the drone around our beautiful Churches! One of my favorite shots is of the bell tower at St. John the Evangelist in Frederick.

Do you have a project you want highlighted in a video?

I would love to come out to your parish with the drone and get some shots of your project. Over the last year, I have been able to produce a number of videos for capital campaigns and special projects. Just last week I was out at Saint Gabriel Parish filming a roof replacement. The parish is going to use the two quick 30 sec videos I created on their Facebook page to update their parishioners on the status of the project and show that their money is being well spent.

If you have a video idea and would like some help, I am available! Just send me an email and we can start filming!

Videos are just one of many services the Regional Directors offer. Click here to view a full list of the services we provide.

If you are looking for some ideas, check out this page of some of the videos I made this past year.


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