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We Are Asking Every Parish to Help Reach the Appeal Goal.

Our 2024 Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries, Faith In Action: Transforming Lives, Impacting Communities, is in full swing, and we need your support now more than ever. Over 100 ministries are counting on us to continue their vital work, and together, we can make a profound impact.

Thanks to the generosity of thousands our Archdiocese has already raised nearly $6.4 million in pledges and gifts towards our $8 million goal. We’ve welcomed 1200 new donors and seen a remarkable return from 4800 donors who hadn’t contributed in recent years.

Your help is needed to Overcome Challenges

Despite these positive strides, we’ve faced some hurdles. This year’s In-Pew Appeal Weekend resulted in 4055 fewer in-pew donors compared to last year. This represents a potential loss of more than $890,000.

But we’re not discouraged. Together, we can overcome these challenges and ensure our 100-plus ministries continue to thrive.

We are asking every parish to help by doing the following:

Bulletin Insert: Please include the Faith In Action letter from Archbishop Lori in your bulletin. This letter explains the urgency of the Appeal and highlights how every contribution makes a significant impact.

Appeal Announcement From Archbishop Lori
Download PDF • 2.45MB

Pulpit Announcement: Share the attached pulpit announcement at all Masses on a weekend this month. It emphasizes the importance of the Appeal and the urgent need for support.

Download DOCX • 18KB

Distribute Ministry Cards: During each Mass, distribute the most recent batch of In-Pew Cards.

Materials for this campaign will arrive at your parish soon or may have already arrived.

Thank you for your efforts!  

Your dedication is vital to the success of the Appeal and the well-being of our Archdiocese and the people we serve.

Kim Montgomery

Chief Advancement Officer

Archdiocese of Baltimore

If you have any questions about the Annual Appeal, please call us at 443-263-1912 or reach out to us by email at

View your Appeal Progress here:


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