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Launching A Community United

This year’s offertory program, “A Community United”, has just kicked off. As part of the program the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Advancement Team is happy to provide a range of digital and printed resources. This includes in-pew commitment and prayer cards, which can be customized with a unique QR code and URL linking directly to the parish's giving page. These will be printed and delivered to your parish office at no cost!

The remaining offertory materials such as bulletin announcements, emails, social media and a homily are formatted in MS Word to allow editing and personalization of your message.

You can find and download these materials online at:

Grounded in the belief that a united community can achieve extraordinary feats, A Community United aims to invigorate the spirit of giving and inspire parishioners to renew their financial commitments to their respective parishes. Recognizing the vital role of stewardship and service in the life of a Catholic community, this initiative seeks to empower individuals to contribute meaningfully to the mission of the Church.

Contact your Advancement Director to get started!

Click this link to download a list of Advancement Directors.

Click here to schedule a meeting with Kim:

Click here to schedule a meeting with Mark:

Send an email to George.Reed@Archbalt.Org or call this number to schedule a meeting with George:




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