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Is Your Web Page up to Par?

According to a study from ForeSee Results, to gauge satisfaction of respondents who visited nonprofit websites:

A satisfied visitor to a nonprofit website is:

  • 65% more likely to recommend the site to others;

  • 57% more likely to have a favorable overall impression of the organization;

  • 55% more likely to return to the site;

  • 49% more likely to donate; and,

  • 38% more likely to volunteer. reports that the top two reasons people gave for visiting nonprofit sites are news and events (40%) and to stay informed about the organization’s cause (40%).

"Highly satisfied visitors to nonprofit websites are 49% more likely to donate money to the nonprofit and 38% more likely to volunteer when compared to dissatisfied online visitors. By channeling visitors to the website for information and donations, nonprofits can reduce costs, build loyalty, and drive donations.

The study shows that functionality is a top priority for nonprofit website improvement followed by image and content. Nearly one-third of donors chose not to give online because the website functionality was poor. Survey respondents also reported concerns about resource allocation, security and error messages.

In addition, people who choose to donate online tend to donate more than those who use other channels, indicating you would be well-served to strongly encourage and facilitate online donations."

A few basic steps you can take to be sure your website is up to par:

- Include a giving button at the top of the page

- Make sure your page is easy to navigate

- Contains interesting, engaging, relevant content on the landing page

- Is updated regularly

Examples of AOB Parish Websites that have giving buttons:

St. Ignatius - Baltimore -

St. Francis Xavier - Baltimore -

Sacred Heart of Jesus - Baltimore -



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