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Help! I’m not a Graphic Designer!

If you are like me, Over the years, you have found yourself needing to create flyers, brochures, social media posts and other printed and electric media. You may have tried to make flyers in Word, or even used the more advanced programs like Adobe Illustrator. For me, I find it difficult to use some of the advanced graphic design programs and Word just does not cut it.

A few years ago I found the website:

Canva makes it super easy to create printed and electric media. I have used it to make brochures, flyers, social media posts and more. They have a bunch of content, pre-made templates, fonts and pictures. So far, I have been using the free version to do most of my creating and have found it really helpful.

FYI – they do also offer a premium service if you get really into it. I think it have even more design options.

Now back to the Canva Template links on this site. To help you save time, the development team will pre-make templates in Canva for you to use in our fundraising program. Just click the link, log in to Canva and you can edit the templates to use. Go ahead and play around. I found it to be fairly easy and people always seem impressed!

If you read this far, you are probably thinking this is an advert for Canva. It’s not. I’m not getting paid to tell you about it. Maybe I should be, right? Anyway, I hope you find it helpful, and if you have questions, feel free to contact me or your Regional Director.


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