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  • Teresa E. Brashears

$7.2 Million Raised with 19,000 Gifts!

Greetings Pastors, Administrators and Parish Staffs!

Below is an update on our progress so far for the 2021 Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries, Joyful in Hope.

Before I get started, though, please permit me this opportunity to thank our Regional Directors for providing me this space in their blog to do so. I am seeing a lot of useful information that they have provided here, and, though my update will be a bit different in nature, I’m hoping you find it equally helpful.

Pastors & Staff Collaborate with AOB Development to

Surpass Appeal Progress vs. Same Time Last Year

After just four months into our 2021 Annual Appeal, we are pleased to report that with the help of your leadership at your parishes, we have received nearly 19,000 gifts and pledges of support to Joyful in Hope, representing over $7.2 million raised, putting us well on our way towards meeting our goal of $8.5 million.

New Appeal Strategies Prove to be Successful

Much of this success stems from this past February’s initiatives, Giving Weekend and Giving Tuesday, where we were able to lessen the anticipated financial impact of having fewer parishioners “in the pews” to make a gift or pledge their support. For the first time in my role overseeing the implementation of the Annual Appeal, I was able to join many of you as I witnessed inspiring Pastor In-Pew presentations simultaneously taking place online across the archdiocese that Sunday morning! At the same time, our staff here at the Archdiocese worked diligently with you to keep up with parishioner online giving which set a record for the number of donations made to the In Pew using this easy giving tool. In-Pew envelopes mailed to parishioners earlier in the month generated another boost in giving. And, our first ever Appeal Giving Tuesday not only created a new awareness of support for this critical fundraising initiative, but also raised just under $500,000 in the course of 24 hours! I applaud those of you who participated in any way at your parishes in helping to make this a success - and a hallmark of our future Appeal efforts.

Leadership Giving Outpaces 2020

This year has also seen a healthy response in giving from our leadership level donors (gifts $1,000 or greater) accounting for close to $ 4 million in gifts which exceeds last year’s commitments at this same time by over $400,000. With our second major mailing to previous donors completed, we will hopefully keep this momentum going through the late summer when we will begin our solicitation phone calls to remaining prospects and thank you outreach to first-time donors.

Find out how your parish is doing by following the link to the parish progress report

Parish Progress report

Parish Progress vs. Goals

So how are our parishes doing? Knowing many of you keep track of your progress by following our weekly In Progress Report updates, as of this writing, there are now 44 parishes who have reached or exceeded their goals. This is 11 more parishes than those who achieved this success at the same time last year. Another 24 parishes are getting close to Goal as well.

Parishes Over Goal

Congratulations to our 44 parishes who have reached or exceeded their goals. It is not an easy task for any parish to meet their goal, but when they do, it’s worth celebrating.

Don’t be shy… share anything that made a difference at your parish that might be of help to your fellow pastors and associates. You can share in the commit section below.

Parishes Almost There

Congratulations as well to our parishes who are almost there or on track to reach Goal. Keep the momentum going! Continue to post your Appeal progress on your website or publish in your weekly bulletins. Consider a pastor letter highlighting your intended use of rebate funds. Focus on increased participation. You can do it!

Parishes Needing Help

We all know how difficult it can be - for so many valid reasons - to motivate parishioners at your parishes to contribute with resources that just might not be there. Focus, instead, on participation, where “every gift counts.” Consider another Giving Sunday to share your progress and hand out envelopes once more as a second collection. Thank those who have truly made the sacrifice and encourage others to do the same. Focus on what’s doable for YOUR parish.

Do you need help promoting the Appeal?

We are hear to help! You can reach out to me, or your Regional Director.

Above all else, Thank Your Donors!

By letter…in your bulletins… by email…from the pulpit.

For further information on Joyful in Hope, Ministries supported, Parish Progress and more, please visit


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