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GiveCentral Smart Tokens

Did you know GiveCentral offers smart token technology to help enhance giving to your parish? Please take a few minutes to learn more about it below and register for the zoom session on Wednesday, May 12 at 1 PM

Smart Giving is a streamlined way to quickly send your GiveCentral donors an email that helps them make a one-click gift to your collections using secure smart token technology.

What is a smart token? Very simply, it’s a button with a hidden code that acts like a private key to a profile, so a donor doesn’t have to log in and step through multiple clicks to make a gift. Ever make a purchase online and click the Tracking button in your order email to see when it’ll be delivered? You’ve used a smart token!

Because smart tokens are unique and secure links, they will only be valid for 72 hours.

Smart token emails are available in GiveCentral under the Communications menu, but because they’re so powerful and sophisticated you may not have tried them out yet.

Join us on Wednesday, May 12 on Zoom for a walk through of how to take advantage of these powerful tools in your own parish.

Here are some additional video resources that show the easy steps to implement and use smart tokens:


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