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Bishop Parker Introduces, Our Path Forward 2021 and Beyond

This Fall we encourage you to participate in the season of giving by utilizing the offertory program

“Our Path Forward, 2021 and Beyond”

and to boldly ask for the support needed to fund our many ministries and to care for the spiritual needs of our community.

Watch the video to hear what Bishop Parker has to say about it!

This last year has been filled with change, uncertainty and for some, tragedy. One thing that has not changed is the hope and love we have in Christ and the constant support your parish is to the community. Our resources have been tested as we met the physical and spiritual needs of our parishioners. We know that God’s love and hope sustains us in troubling times and gives us reason to celebrate when God carries us through!

Your development team has created tools and resources to help you guide parishioners on the stewardship path. Together, we can increase weekly giving, and encourage legacy gifts.

Everything you need to promote this year’s offertory program is located here

Your Regional Director is ready to help implement this program at your parish and is happy to walk you through the process!


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