Prayer Post Card
Postcard Back.png
postcard Front.png

Most parishioners will receive this post card in the mail by mid-Sept. The AOB will print, mail and cover postage. The post card has a prayer on one side and a quick introduction to Our Path Forward on the other side. The QR code links to

In-Pew Card
In-Pew Front.png
in-Pew Back.png

You will receive the above in-pew card if you would like to offer a paper version of the commitment card that is online at The in-pew card has a tear-off section for the response and the other half is meant to be taken home. The same prayer is on the postcard and in-pew card. 

OPF Poster.png

You will receive this poster to hang on the parish door before week 1. The QR code links to