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Offertory Corner 

Creating an Offertory Corner for your bulletin involves blending informative content with spiritual encouragement to engage and inspire your parish community. See before for a guide and sample. 

Creating an Offertory Corner for your Bulletin

Heading: "Our Journey of Generosity"



Begin with a warm invitation for the community to reflect on the integral role of giving within their spiritual journey. Emphasize that contributions of any size are valuable steps on this shared path, fostering both individual faith growth and communal strength.


Scripture Reflection:

Incorporate a relevant Bible verse that speaks to the essence of giving, such as 2 Corinthians 9:7, "Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." Offer a short reflection on the verse to highlight the joy and freedom found in heartfelt generosity.

Personal Testimony or Reflection:

Feature a brief story or reflection from a parish member who has experienced a deepening of faith through their acts of giving. This personal insight can serve as an inspiring example, demonstrating the transformative power of generosity on both the giver and the receiver.

Practical Steps:

Detail the various ways parishioners can contribute to the parish. Highlighting Online giving, legacy giving and through their time. 


Prayer for Generosity:

Include a prayer that individuals or the community can recite to seek divine guidance in cultivating generous hearts. 


Data Section: 

Express gratitude for the ongoing support and highlight how these contributions serve as vital stepping stones on the communal path of faith and service.

Our Journey in Numbers:

  • Total Given This Year: Present the cumulative amount donated by the parish community to date, reflecting the collective journey of generosity.

  • Weekly Budget Goal: Share the target amount needed each week to sustain church operations and ministries, representing the shared pace of this journey.

  • Last Week's Generosity: Report the total contributions from the previous week, showcasing the community's recent steps on this path.

Reflecting on Our Steps:

Offer a reflection on what the figures represent, celebrating achievements, acknowledging areas for growth, and encouraging continued generosity with language that emphasizes collective effort and progress.


Visual Element (Optional):

Consider incorporating a simple chart or graph to visually represent progress towards financial goals or the growth in contributions over time, providing an immediate visual sense of communal achievement and purpose.


Closing Encouragement:

Conclude with uplifting words that remind the parish of their shared journey, reinforcing the importance of each contribution to the church's mission and the communal walk of faith.

This guide aims to create a balanced and engaging Offertory Corner that not only informs but also spiritually enriches your parish community, encouraging a deepened commitment to generosity as a key aspect of their faith journey.

Offertory Corner Sample

Our Journey of Generosity

As we walk our shared path of faith, we recognize that every act of giving, enriches our spiritual journey and fortifies the bonds within our beloved community. 

"Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."

- 2 Corinthians 9:7

This week, let us meditate on these words, reminding ourselves of the joy and grace found in each gesture of giving, reflecting our inner commitment to God's work among us.

John and Maria Smith, long-time members of our parish, share their story of finding joy and community through their acts of giving. "In contributing to our church, we've not only supported its mission but discovered a deeper sense of belonging and purpose within our faith community," they reflect. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of generosity, not just in the lives of those who receive but profoundly in those who give.

Our collective contributions are vital in sustaining our parishes mission and ministries. Here's a glimpse of our journey in numbers:


Total Given This Year: $120,000

Weekly Budget Goal: $7000

Last Week's Generosity: $5200

The numbers above are more than just figures; they represent our faith in action, our commitment to God's work, and our love for one another. Surpassing our weekly goal is a testament to our community's faithfulness and generosity. Let's continue to support one another on this journey, ensuring that our church remains a beacon of hope and a place of welcome for all.

Lord, guide us to give with open hearts and joyful spirits, reflecting Your generosity in all we do. Help us to see our contributions as seeds of Your kingdom, growing in love and service. Amen.

Thank you, for the steps you take every day on this journey of generosity. Your gifts, both seen and unseen, weave a tapestry of grace that covers our parish and extends far beyond its walls. Let's continue to walk this path together, with God as our guide, and our hearts open to the endless possibilities of His work through us.

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