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Pedestrian Path

Heavenly Father, guide us on this path as we move forward in faith. Shine Your wisdom and grace upon us.

Bless our hearts with generosity.


Let us offer our gifts with joy, using our time, talents, and treasures as tools of Your divine plan.

Strengthen us with courage to build a community of love and service, mirroring the charity of Jesus.

Keep us attentive to the needs of others. Renew our spirit, increasing our sincerity and sacrifice.

We thank You for this journey of stewardship.

Lead us closer to Your will with every step we take.


Welcome to the Forward in Faith Offertory Program—a journey where each step we take together leads us closer to a deeper understanding of our faith and the joy of giving. As you navigate through this season, we invite you to access and utilize the resources available here, designed to enrich your experience and guide our community in intentional, sacrificial giving.

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Bulletin Announcements

  • Announcement weekend Bulletin

  • Commitment weekend Bulletin

  • Thank you Bulletin

Pastor Scripts

  • Announcement weekend - Script

  • Commitment weekend - Script

Parishioner Testimony 

  • Testimonial Guide and sample

Saying Thank You

  • Pastor letter or email

  • Thank you video script 


  • Pre-Announcement weekend email

  • Pre-Commitment weekend email

Mailed Letter

  • Pastor Letter - Pre-Announcement

Social Media

Guide to using social media

Post 1 - Pre Announcement weekend

Post 2 

Post 3

Post 4

Post 5 - After Commitment weekend

Between Announcement

& Commitment weekend

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Forward in Faith Printed Materials

  • In-Pew Commitment Cards: Encourage your parishioners to take a step forward on their spiritual journey with personalized commitment cards placed right in the pews.

  • QR Code Stickers for the Pews: These stickers make it easy for parishioners to access your parish’s giving site by simply scanning the code with their smartphones.

  • Prayer/Giving Cards: Dual-purpose cards that serve as a reminder of the power of prayer and the impact of generosity.

  • Posters: Visually engaging posters that can be displayed throughout your parish facilities to inspire and remind everyone of the importance of their contributions.

Each item will be customized with your parish name, website, and a QR code that links directly to your giving site. Should you require any additional customizations, please inform us. We are dedicated to accommodating your specific needs to ensure the materials reflect the spirit of your parish.

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In Pew Card_Page_1.png

In-Pew Commitment card 

Use the In-Pew Commitment Card as a tangible act of worship during Mass. We invite you to dedicate three minutes of reflective time while music fills the air, for you and your fellow parishioners to prayerfully engage with the card. This sacred moment allows each individual to renew their commitment to generosity and intentional giving. Let this card serve as a personal covenant, a step forward on your spiritual path, affirming your dedication to the life and work of your parish community.

QR CODE Sticker.png

In-Pew QR code Sticker

Place these QR code stickers in your pews to seamlessly integrate technology and tradition in your worship experience. As the music plays, parishioners can scan the code to visit your parish’s giving site, making their offering an easy, yet profound act of faith. It’s a modern way to connect your community and foster a spirit of generosity.

Prayer Card_Page_1_Page_1.png

Prayer / Giving card 

Encourage your parishioners to take these Prayer/Giving Cards home as a continual reminder of their spiritual and charitable commitments. These cards are designed to be kept in a visible place where they can serve as a daily nudge towards prayer and generosity. By taking a card home, each parishioner can keep their personal journey towards deeper faith and giving alive every day.

Mark Prayer poster- final for print.png


Display these inspirational posters around your parish as visual affirmations of your community’s journey towards greater faith and giving. Let these posters be a call to action, a reminder of the communal path towards generosity, to be considered and embraced during moments of contemplation and community gatherings.

Need Help? 

Reach out to: 

Kim Montgomery

Chief Advancement Officer

Mark Talcott

Sr. Director of Philanthropy

Church Pew
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